Opera I Venue Events

Natural light cozy venue. Available for groups up to 35 people. Capacity depends on the layout. This venue can be taken together with Opera II Venue.

The Hotel provides audiovisual equipment TV, DVD, LCD, supporting material, telephone and fast Internet connection via ADSL. Clients can bring their own equipments and decoration materials.*

  • Surface: 34 m2
  • Hight: 2,68 m
  • Light: Natural possible


Escuela / Classroom 26
Teatro / Theater 35
Mesa U / U shape 20
 Mesa Imperial / Boardroom 20
Banquete / Lunch- Dinner 26
Cabaret 20
Cocktail 25
 Buffet -

* Equipments and practices that could cause damage to the venue, structure or esthetic, are not allowed. Any equipment needs to be authorize by Santo Domingo Hotel.